Month: June 2020

Gardening Workout

Being active in the outdoors has plenty of scientifically proven natural benefits. Being outdoors, breathing in fresh air can boost your energy levels, improve your immune system (breathing in phytoncides increases white blood cells which fight off infections and disease) and when in sunlight you can get your daily dose of vitamin D.     […]


Flora Adventure Trails

As of May 5, we are allowed to venture 5 kilometres from our homes. While it might not be the freedom we were hoping for, it’s still something to be grateful for. At times, it can seem as though you are trapped in a tiny bubble with no outlet or creative distraction. It can be […]


Home-school Challenges

Every single parent in Ireland is struggling with the lack of childcare. That said, the even bigger challenge seems to be home-schooling our children. When having children, never did we imagine that we would be home-schooling. Parents aren’t trained in teaching. We have no degree or even the faintest idea. Parents are feeling a tremendous […]