Fresh Air Enjoyment During Lockdown

Just because we are not supposed to be visiting people or going places, doesn’t mean we can’t go outside. Fresh air can work wonders, especially when you’re feeling cooped up. Irish weather isn’t always favourable but when it’s at least dry, head outside for a change of scenery. Have your morning coffee in the garden before getting to work. If it’s lunchtime, lay out a blanket on the grass and have a picnic with the kids. Just remember to wrap up warmly if the sun isn’t shining.

Fresh Air Enjoyment During Lockdown

Do some gardening, planting and weeding. Get your children involved in the work. Teach them what you know about gardening and growing plants or vegetables. If you’re not green fingered, check out a tutorial online with your children. They’ll be fascinated in learning with you.


Go for a walk and give your children a challenge. Ask them to find five different leaves, three twigs, two flowers and one interesting stone. Just remember to keep your distance from others. That said, keeping your distance doesn’t mean you can’t give them a big smile. People have become frightened of others. Afraid of contracting Covid-19 from them or even passing it on. While this is a justifiable fear, remember that it can be incredibly isolating and lonely. A smile from a neighbour or stranger can make your day so pass on the kindness. Isolation doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly.


In years to come when looking back, your children aren’t going to remember the lockdown, they’ll remember the wonderful quality time that they spent at home with their parents. They are going to remember the time spent at their own, safe home. How you handle, manage and cope during these unsure times is what will stick in their memory. Teach your children hygiene awareness and the importance of why we all need to stay at home without instilling any fear. Cautiousness without panic is key.


Stay calm, stay safe.