(K)now yourself

We’ve all been there. You find yourself getting overwhelmed with frustration, or in some cases anger, pacing up and down. There are certain topics that, before you know it, always end up in an argument. We never plan for this to happen, but it takes over without you realising.

(K)now yourself

What is your biggest pitfall? What is that one flaw you have that is so hard to a) recognise and b) admit to? Figuring it out should be a priority as it is most likely the root cause of your continual, recurring arguments with your partner. Life events mould and form us as individuals, the good things in life, but unfortunately also the negative. Often, negative experiences can have a lasting hold on how we operate. Hidden buttons are being created under the surface that will undoubtedly be pushed again and again. The trick is finding those buttons and rewiring.


Take time to re-evaluate yourself. Knowing who you are is the foundation for inner happiness. Understanding who you have become can help identify issues and with that, create an environment in which you can better yourself and improve your life. As a parent and a partner, you’ll find you are constantly putting your needs after those of your loved ones. You will also find that the ones you love the most, are the ones most prone to pushing your buttons. It isn’t a conscious decision to push those buttons, they probably aren’t even aware of them. However, you can make the conscious decision to pinpoint these buttons and disconnect them.


It’s not an easy task and it will likely take some time to figure it all out, but the benefits will be well worth your efforts.


Self-awareness and introspection will make you better equipped to handle stressful situations that as you and I both know, are plentiful when you are a parent. Getting yourself to a calmer place in your life will greatly impact your child’s life and improve the family dynamic.