The end of home schooling, almost

home schooling

As the summer nears, so ends the last school term. Covid-19 restrictions have taken their toll on all the citizens of Ireland and we all deserve to be proud of the efforts we have made to keep Ireland safe, however grand or small.

That said, it has been particularly challenging for parents with school-going children. We have carried the stress and changes brought upon us due to Covid-19 but have also taken on the new (terrifying) role of teacher, moulding our little beings into the leaders of our future. The pressure to not mess it all up has been immeasurable. I can hear the countless corks popping all over the country while parents get ready to celebrate the summer holidays. But slow down a moment Mums and Dads! There’s still a few weeks left.

You might be at your wits end and lacking motivation to carry on but just bear with it a little while longer. Here are a few tips to keep you going until the end of term.

Scrap the homework lists, just read the gist of it. Pick a theme or topic and stick with that for the week. Incorporate the elements of reading, writing and maths. As each child has different needs and interests, try and choose a topic that will capture their attention, for at least a few days.

Start school work earlier in the day so that your kids can be finished early. You don’t want the dread of the work hanging over them all afternoon. Keep it quick. Get in, get out!

And remember, towards the end of school year teachers always ease off on the workload. Children are missing the school trips and outdoor fun normally experienced at this time of year. If it’s not raining, bring today’s lesson to the beach. Teach them about marine life. Bring a picnic. Walk the beach, talk about all the things that live in the sea and teach your children about ocean pollution.

We’re nearly there, lovelies. Hang tight!