Tips To Make Your School Run Organised And Easy

These tips to make your school run organised and easy can help make going to school easier for your little ones and you!


school run


The Night Before

The night before is going to be your best friend. Get as much organised the night before as you can, so you have less to do and less stress in the morning. If your children have packed lunches, pack them the night before. Make sure the uniforms are ready for the morning. Make sure school bags are packed. It might help you to keep a storage box with each child’s name on it by the door. Keep all that child’s school things in their storage box, so that everything is to hand in the morning.


Get Up Before Your Children

Give yourself at least half an hour before you need to wake your little ones. Make a cup of tea or coffee, have your breakfast, spend five minutes with yourself, whatever your morning routines are, this is your time to prepare for when the children are up. You also need to make sure that you have had a good night’s sleep as well.


Keep To A Daily Routine

Sticking to a daily routine can help you enormously in staying organised for the school run. It helps you make sure that everything that needs to go to school goes to school, and it helps your children prepare for the school day ahead. Some people find it easier to stick to a routine if they list out the steps that they need to take. Some children will respond well to a visual schedule on the wall showing them what they have to do to get ready for school.


Calmness And Patience

If you start feeling stressed or panicky about getting to school on time, your little ones will start feeling the same way. This can often mean that things become even more confused, more stressed, and your children may start to seem like they’re going against everything you say. Aim for calmness and patience. It isn’t going to matter in the long run if you’re five minutes late for school. It will be better for your little ones to be late, but ready for the day ahead, than to be on time but feeling stressed, rushed and upset.