How to encourage children to get outside

Sometimes as the weather starts to get colder, children don’t want to be outside in the wet, dreary weather. But they need the exercise and they’re bouncing off the walls inside! Here are some fun things to do that will help get your children excited to wrap up warm and go for an autumnal adventure.


Mother and daughter with umbrellas taking walk in autumn park on rainy day


Find a nature trail

Saying to your child ‘let’s go for a walk’ might induce eye-rolls but finding an exciting round trail through the woods or along the beach can be a great way to inject some excitement into getting outside. Try to find a walk through somewhere new and scenic, or perhaps somewhere with a story or something exciting to explore! Here is an article with some great options and ideas to get you started:


Build an obstacle course

Use all those toys that have been put away for the summer to create obstacles in your garden or local park to challenge your kids. A hoop becomes a tunnel to climb through, tennis balls become a throwing challenge, a skipping rope becomes a line to jump across. Set up a course and challenge your little ones to race against the clock!


Scavenger hunt

Why save hunting in the garden for Easter? Giving your child a small incentive to get out and get some fresh air can be a great way to encourage even the most stubborn child to get out of the house. Hide some treats around the garden and set them loose trying to find them all! If you’re feeling creative, you could even make a map for them to follow.


Sensory hunt

This is a great option for younger children! Create a list of different shapes and textures and challenge them to find something to fit each item. It could be different shape or colour leaves, different plants, bark, rocks. You could even add some animals such as squirrels, or some creepy crawlies to the list! Visit your local park or woodland and try to find them all.



Conkers is a really fun game to play in the autumn, that’s often full of nostalgia for parents too. But, before you can play, you need to find some conkers! Take a walk to try and find a horse chestnut tree to collect up lots of conkers to take home and play. This adds an element of excitement and reward to outdoor activities.