Moulding our future

As parents, it is crucial that we tackle the systemic racism ingrained in our (global) society. Turning a blind eye is no longer acceptable and action needs to be taken. Teaching our children about racism is vital.

Brushing the topic of racism under the carpet creates the illusion that racism and races don’t exist. You might not think that any of this applies to you because “I’m not racist” but you would be sadly mistaken. Whether we are or are not racist, the discussions still need to be had.

You don’t have to know all the answers as a parent, but being open about these topics will show your child that it is something that can and should be discussed.

The end of racism is within our reach. If the children are our future, then we, the parents, get to mould that future.

What can you do?

For younger children (before primary school) you might want to read them books that include characters from races other than their own. Engage in conversation using simple language and terms that your child will understand. Discuss the matter of “fairness” which they will easily recognise. These conversations need to be had regularly, not once off. We are not going to eliminate racism by simply having one single conversation.