Gentle freedom


As we slowly transition from lockdown, it feels as though a new world is timidly opening up to us. We have a new freedom to move and gently step out into an optimistic yet cautious society. Eye contact is being made. Smiles are being met with a kindness, longing for interaction. We have been hunkering down in our protective little bubble for such a long period and have now been given the greenlight to venture out. But this transition is still to be met with caution and care.


For the better half of a year, we have protected our children with ferociousness. Parental instincts kicked in without a moment’s doubt when we were met with a new threat, a virus so all-consuming on a global level that it was almost impossible to shield our little ones from the fear.


Children went from living carefree lives, attending school, playing with friends, visiting family and without warning all of that was cancelled until further notice. Suddenly the unwitting children were attached to their parents’ hips and no one else. Their trust in their parents never wavering or questioned. And so, it’s understandable that now, after months of being “locked down”, children fear the thought of no longer being kept hidden and safe under Mother Hen’s protective wing. While parents might want to go on date night for the first time in months, the kids are feeling anxious at the notion of being away from them or even somebody from outside the household babysitting. We have conditioned them to be cautious and suddenly, the rules have changed.


As a parent, you might be feeling the strong need to get some space from your kids, but bear in mind the uncertainty they have felt these past few months. While some children seem completely unfazed, others need a gentle transition as we move out of lock down.